Random thoughts

1. Why is race important in the presidental election?

2. WTF is wrong with Ralph Nader saying that Obama talks to white......Hello Ass the man is half white and was raised around white folk!!!!!

3. When will the Pirates win another World Series?

OK Enough said!!!

Talks amongst yourselves!!
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Sometimes I just want to cry!!!

I have posted about work here before and for the most part the teens that I work with are ok...they are parents but I need to remember that they are teens. Yesterday I had to sit with a father of a 7 month old girl as he listen to the evidence against the boyfriend of the baby's mother who is accused of raping the child when she was 5 months old.

To top this all off the police recently found letters where this girl was telling the boyfriend that she missed him and that the baby missed him. She said that the biological father was going to sign away all his rights. Complete BS!!

This so called mother has been telling so many stories that she should write fiction.

Let me just say that the biological father had anger issues that got him into trouble a few years ago. But he handled himself calmly and rationally yesterday while all of the testimony was happening. I was there, his aftercare case manager was there and his probation officer. We just kept heaping praise on him and telling him he was doing great.

I shared with him that he handled it better then I would have!! I mean I realize that you have to be a sick MO FO to rape a 5 month old....still don't think that I would have handled things as well as this young man did.

He is going to file for full custody and I have assured him that there is a possibility that he may get will be rough going to high school for 1 more year and finding part time work....but it can be done...HoW? He has the support of his parents and the three professionals that were by his side yesterday.

Last night I drifted off for a short period....when I woke up I started to cry...Sometimes I really love my job and sometimes I really hate it. Yesterday was a combination of both.
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I wish that the rain here would just go away!

I wish that the primary season was over!

I wish the price of gas was a hell of a lot lower!!

I wish that other people would do their own job and quit trying to tell me how to do mine!!

I wish people who are all into reality tv and celebrities who think before they talk...I really don't care to hear about who is boinking who and who won this show or that show. The shows were America votes comes down to a popularity contest anyway. Besides if you have that much time to discuss it and read about it on line at the office then maybe you need more work to do.

I hate hearing people whine about things....Yes I know I whine a lot but the difference is I realize that there are people who have it a lot worse then I do and I should be gratefule for what I have.

I would love for just once that all the seniors I work with would get their shit together and not wait to the last minute so I don't have to spend my time babysitting them to make sure that they graduate( Yes that is the goal of my job but dang if you are to lazy to go to school and your not going to graduate not because of your grades but rather your attendance how the hell are you going to be productive in life.)

People who abuse children sexually rather they be a man or a woman should be punished to a minimum of 25 years to life in jail...don't tell me that is not fair...don't wave you ACLU rights in my face I think they really should be killed but hey I am all for the right to life.

If a person lies and cheats to win a game what makes you think that they are any better in their professional life?

Sometimes I wish that the folks who make the laws actually followed them.

Is it time for a change.....well maybe!

Ok it is now 2 AM and once again Pops is not sleeping...which means that Pops mind is a racing with all kinda of thoughts.

1. Pops really needs to eat better.

2. Pops really needs to exercise.

3. Pops needs to control his sugar.

4. Should Pops begin counseling again for himself? Where would he go and what issues would he work on?

5. Pops needs to find a hobby.

6. Pops needs to reconnect with his spiritual side again.

7. What should Pops get Z for the 25th anniversary of the day we met?

8. Pops needs to work on his relationship with the boy.

9. Pops needs to fix the sink.

10. Pops needs to sleep.

So what are you doing for fun???!!!!

Random Rattle

Why do people insist on coming to work when they are sick?

Why is there always the one person in the office who is so F***kin annoying you want to strangle the crap out of them?

Why are gas prices still rising?

Why do people make new year resolutions only to break them?

Why is it only on Christmas do we wish for peace on earth?

Why is it that the more you make the more you spend?

Why are most Dad characters on TV shown as complete assholes?
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Ok- Gas Jumped 10 cents a gallon last week!!!!

Today crude oil jump to 100 bucks a Pops is not one to bitch but there are some Mother Frickers out there who are getting rich while the rest of us suffer with some tough choices.....Food for the family or gas for the car so you can work to buy food no wait you are now working to put gas in your car so you can continue to work....

Kinda like working to pay for day care so you can wait that eventually ends....Pops does not think that this shit is going to end.

Why did we not do anything about this after the oil crisis of the 1970s...becasue some Mother Frickers are getting rich and lobbying the goverment.....

Holiday Help!!

This year we passed on going to Pop's Mom's house for the holiday.

She made the mistake of saying she may go see Pops Sis for the holidays...Pops used that as a chance to stay at home for a quiet night. Well Mom did not go away...but we did stay was nice M came over and her and the boy played WWE/RAW on Playstation 2,
a student from last year stopped over and visited for awhile.

Christmas day we did what any half Jewish family would do...we went and visited Pops uncle who is in a nursing home....doing a hell of a lot better then he was when he was hit by the 18 wheeler in June....we then went to the movies and to get some Chinese food with friends...well that was the plan but the movie was at four so we at with FOUR and her family then went and saw National Treasure 2.....good film good food good fun.

Yesterday we went to the Mall after Bar Mitzvah Practice and had some family time...Z, the boy and Pops....

Today the youth meeting the boy had was a no go so we went to dinner and then did the stop at Mom's house to see Pops sis and nephew, brother and his wife and 1 daughter...the 15 year old was at a party and did not want to miss it and felt we should have been there on Christmas Eve...we had a nice visit stayed a little longer then we wanted and now we are home and waiting to go to bed.

All in all it was rather calm holiday!!!!

Already planning to go away next year!!!!!!

What's the Mouse going to say!!!

Brit's lil sis is 16 and knocked up!!!! No shock to Pops who works with Teen Parents...I think that it would be a good time for Disney and Nick Channel to put some of there money to use and start supporting educational programs that teach safe sex.

Lets face the facts folks...the just say no campaign failed with drugs and alcohol and are Abstinence only programs are failing to reduce teen pregnancy.

What do you think???

STDs for the Holidays!!!

Yes Pops did say that....Now to be clear Pops does not have an STD nor does he want one for Christmas. No again Pops was given the honor of talking to the 10th graders again this week on the dangers of STDs.

Gave them the truth, the whole truth, and nuttin but the truth. The Pops tells them to have a good break...12 days away from school and yeah..."lets be careful out there." Funny thing they all remembered my aspirin story!!!!


OK so there is a theme going on the old blog today....Shoot write about what you know...or wish you did not know.

I was giving a pregnancy prevention talk to the 10th grade health classes at one of the local high schools last week.

We start with a quiz and then we review the answers which hopefully helps to trigger a discussion between Pops and the students.

When we get to the part about birth control...Pops says the best form of birth control is??? And all the kids say don't have sex. Good answer and the right answer but they are high school kids and some of them will have sex. Pops tells them that his grandmother always says the best form of birth control is an aspirin!! Shocked by that Pops then asked the students why that would be....Because the girl can say she has a headache (how many of us have used or heard that before?) One brave young man says it kills the sperm???? No grasshopper it does not kill the sperm. Looking puzzled they all give up... Ok Pops tells them that when they are Nakey in the bed together to have the girl hold the aspirin between her knees...More strange looks from these teens...WHAT?? Pops says and if the aspirin falls out you are not having protected sex.

Pops also tells them that condoms do not break as often as they think...If you hear that the person was not using it right. There are 3 things to remember about condoms.

1. They are like the milk in your fridge....they have if best if used by date on them..

2. They don't like extreme heat or your wallet or your glove box is not the best place to store them.

3. There are steps to using a condom...yep directions are on the box..but the one most folks forget is to hold the condom at the base of the penis when you remove it from your girl.

Finally, Pops asks everyone to put their hand in front of their face bending it at the elbow...know look at the tip of your middle finger and the base of your arm at the elbow...guess what a condom will easily go over that and will not break!!!!! They all look shocked..That is when Pops throws in for know one should say that they don't make a condom big enough for me.

And always remember girls and boys NO MEANS NO... Guys..It does not mean in MAYBE if I beg I can get me some.